In a complex world in continuous transformation, it is no longer enough for organizations to provide products and services that fulfill their functions. They need to gain the trust and legitimacy of the societies in which they operate and the communities they serve. Having public legitimacy to develop the activities, is today a prerequisite for the creation of value.

Recent studies show that companies are now required to play a role, and to make an active contribution, in solving problems that until a while ago were reserved for other institutions.

Approaches need to be differentiating and incisive. We need to innovate, generate and manage ideas. Knowledge is no longer a “nice to have”, it is an imperative: to create value, to capture value, to distribute value. It is one of the most important assets of business and organizational life.

Knowledge management involves an organization’s effort to listen, create, gather, synthesize, share, and use specific insights and experiences to improve its work and processes. Here are some of our contributes

Wisdom Insight

State budget 2024

Wisdom has developed, as usual, an analysis of the State Budget for 2024, presented in the Assembly of the Republic.
The complete document includes a detailed analysis of the guidance and options that support the axes of public policies of the current Executive and the measures proposed by the Government that impact the following sectors: Finance, Business, Commerce and Services, Tourism, Environment, Mobility, Digitalization and Health.
Our Public Affairs team will be monitoring the entire process until the final global vote on November 29.

Wisdom Insight

State budget (EE2022)

On 13 April, the Government presented a proposal for OE 2022 to the Assembly of the Republic, an act that marked the beginning of the budgetary procedure in Parliament

Wisdom Insight

Members of the XXIII Government

In this document, Wisdom presents an analysis of the political context of the XXIII Constitutional Government, its challenges and opportunities

Wisdom Insight

Local elections 2021

In this Report, Wisdom Consulting analyses the results of the Municipal Elections of September 26, in their post-election impacts for the different political parties and districts of the country, with reference to pre-election political factors that gave context to the political campaign period and the elections themselves.

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