Who we are

‘’The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.’’

Henry Drummond

Wisdom is a communication consultancy company, born to capture the area of influence, and which is in a position to work with its clients’ various stakeholders, namely the press, influencers, consumers, public entities, shareholders, employees or business partners.

Wisdom Consulting uses the effective management of the spheres of influence of each company to create a positive impact on its image. As such, it devises integrated communication projects tailored to each customer’s specifics and objectives and undertakes to be transparent in effectively influencing the perceptions of all the spheres of influence that have an impact on the company or organisation, thereby contributing towards its organisational success.

Headed by Maria Domingas Carvalhosa and accompanied by a group of directors with vast experience in consultancy work in communications and public matters, Wisdom’s team firmly believes that synergies that arise from good relationships drive successful projects, improve results and reinforce a company or organisation’s reputation.

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